2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast: NOAA Predicts Above-Average Activity

Forecast for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season: An Active Year is Expected

NOAA Forecasts Higher-Than-Normal Activity

Forecasters are predicting an above-average activity for the forthcoming Atlantic hurricane season, anticipating as many as 25 named storms. The season, lasting from June 1 to November 30, might witness a substantial number of hurricanes, including multiple major ones with wind speeds exceeding 111 miles per hour. This increased activity is credited to several factors including warm sea temperatures, La Niña conditions, and conducive wind patterns.

Comprehending the Typical Hurricane Season

Usually, a season of Atlantic hurricanes comprises 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. However, predictions for the 2024 season indicate a significant uptick in activity compared to these norms. The peak activity phase of the season is anticipated to be between mid-August and October.

Elements Leading to Enhanced Hurricane Activity

Specialists predict that the forecasted escalation in hurricane activity in 2024 is attributed to various environmental conditions. These include warm sea temperatures, the evolving La Niña, and shifting wind patterns which are all favourable for the birth of tropical storms. Moreover, a rapid shift from a potent El Niño to La Niña alongside a sturdy west African monsoon are also anticipated to sway the season’s actions.

Titles for the Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2024

The World Meteorological Organization has published a roster of names for possible storms in the 2024 season. This list comprises names such as Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, and others. In the event that the quantity of named storms surpasses the pre-set list, names from the Greek alphabet will be employed for extra names, which was a method put into action during the historic 2020 season.

Comparative Perspectives and Forecast for the Pacific Basin

Other organizations have also shared their predictions for the 2024 hurricane season, with a few minor discrepancies in the projected number of storms. Unlike the Atlantic, the Pacific Basin is anticipated to have a below-average hurricane season. Most of the expected storms are forecasted to stay at sea and not pose a threat to land.

Getting Ready and Responding to Hurricane Season

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2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast: NOAA Predicts Above-Average Activity


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