Storm Damage Repair

Wind and storm damage restoration goes beyond replacing broken windows and repairing roofs. At EMP Restoration, we understand that storm damage can have long-lasting consequences, such as water intrusion, moisture, mold, mildew, rot and poor air quality. That’s why, in addition to structural repairs, we provide water extraction, dehumidification and cleaning, among other recovery services to ensure your home is both structurally sound and healthy to live in.


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We offer a variety of storm damage restoration services including for:

  • Hurricane Damage
  • Thunderstorm Damage
  • Tornadoes and High Wind Damage
  • Rainstorm Damage

Hurricane Damage

Few forces are as catastrophic as a hurricane. In addition to dangerously fast winds that can strip your roof of shingles, hurricanes are often accompanied by heavy rains threatening to flood your property.

Here in Florida, hurricane season stretches from early June through the end of November. With each passing year, tropical storms and hurricanes seem to be increasing in severity, leaving residents throughout the state vulnerable to considerable property damage. We understand the immense impact—financial and otherwise—hurricanes have on Florida residents, which is why we are prepared to assist you with comprehensive restoration services.

Thunderstorm Damage

Florida is the lightning capital of the US, with lightning storms have the potential to cause significant structural damage and fires. It is possible to observe damage to electrical wiring, appliances, cable or telephone lines even if your lightning system successfully directs the energy to the ground. 

Thunderstorms can be devastating. Severe thunderstorms can have winds exceeding 57 mph and include large hail, both of which can take their toll on your roof.

Tornadoes and High Wind Damage

Tornadoes and extreme winds can topple and uproot trees, crashing them through windows, roofs and walls. And with winds exceeding 86 mph, they can lift mobile homes completely off their foundations.

The weather in Florida  can be unpredictable. Tornados or strong winds may cause a variety of damage to your property. You might lose a few shingles, or face a tree falling through your home. Regardless of the severity, taking immediate action will help prevent further damage.

Rainstorm Damage

Rainstorms can flood your property, and the damage can linger long after the water recedes. Mold and mildew can develop under floors and behind walls.

Water damage from rain can have devastating effects on buildings and can quickly cause damage after even minimal rain. Water damage can ruin building contents, and cause costly closures for repairs. 

Based on 15 reviews
April Rivera
April Rivera
E.M.P. Restoration made an 86 mile trip to assess my water damage. They were very informative and knowledgeable. They were honest as to my situation and left me worry free with the most reasonable pricing I have seen yet.
Larry Bremner
Larry Bremner
This is one of the best companies that I have worked with and I am 100% happy with their service. I didn't know that I had black toxic mold until their inspector came in. Eddie is a guy you can trust and know that you will have the job done right. He is on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Stephen Schaeberle
Stephen Schaeberle
Eddie and Leo showed up. They we’re prompt, and straight forward with an estimate. They started when they said they would. Highly recommend their methodical approach to contain your home as they did ours after a roof leak. We have been in Florida for seven months and EMP is on a short list of services I would highly recommend. Thank you Eddie and Leo!!!
M Dahan
M Dahan
I truly hope that you never need mold remediation but if you do, this is definitely the company to hire! EMP Restoration did an excellent job, were professional, prompt and great with communication.
Giana Guastella
Giana Guastella
Eddie and his crew were AMAZING!! So friendly and professional! They made the mold and water remediation process less stressful! Everything was done in a timely manner! Highly recommend!!
Stanley Toussaint
Stanley Toussaint
Eddie did a great job, very help and professional with their service. I will use them any and refer the company to any of my friends and family. A1 Service….
Neera Karia
Neera Karia
We highly recommend EMP Restoration. They were excellent with everything ! We had a serious mold problem from a leaking dishwasher and it was an extensive job. From our first contact with them and through the job their service was great! They were very punctual, explained the process throughout and finished the job in the least amount of time. They were very careful with our home, worked very peacefully and when finished left everything spotless.They were professional, neat, clean, polite and removed the mold as promised. Eddie was super efficient and constantly on top of everything! Thank you for great customer service!
Mel Elion
Mel Elion
I highly recommend EMP Restoration. They assessed the situation quickly, provided an estimate for the work, they took time to explain the steps needed to complete their job. They were professional, showed up on time, were neat, clean, polite and removed the mold as promised.
Kathryn Bolhofner
Kathryn Bolhofner
EMP was EXCELlENT! We had a serious mold problem from a leaking dishwasher. From our first contact with them and then completely through the one week job their service was great. They were always on time, explained the process throughout, and their work was excellent. They were very careful with our home, and when finished left everything spotless. We would highly recommend them!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us to speak to a member of our team.

Is there mold in my house?

If you suspect you have mold in your house first look for spots. Patterns of small black, green, white, or orange spots are usually a key indicator as well as musty smells. However, in order to truly be sure whether or not you have mold you should have a remediation company out. After doing a visual inspection an air quality test may be recommended.

What does mold look like?

Mold varies in appearance with different colors and patterns. Even though there are more common colors and patterns, it’s important to call a restoration or remediation company like us for an assessment.

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